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Move-Out Directions:

Please read the following directions prior to vacating the property. Deviations from these directions will be at the expense of the tenant:


Click here to obtain a Notice to Vacate Form.


Each tenant is responsible for supplying our office with a written thirty calendar month notice to vacate, on or before the last day of the month prior to the month you are vacating. This notice must be effective for the termination of your lease agreement and you are still responsible for all terms and conditions of your lease agreement.

Tenant(s) must leave the interior and exterior of the premises in a clean and neat condition. Carpet must be professionally cleaned and a paid receipt must be provided to our office no later than the last day of vacating. This must be from a professional carpet cleaning company. If you have/had a pet, please ensure that a pet treatment/deodorizer is done with the carpet cleaning. Interior cleaning includes, but is not limited to: A thorough cleaning of everything (This includes all dirt, dust, grime, residue, grease, baked on particles,etc.) All walls(including inside closets) are to be clean.Thoroughly cleaning bathrooms (do not use or leave any colored tablets/solvents in toilet). Thoroughly cleaning kitchen appliance to include(stove burners, stove pans, and underneath the stove pans and cooktop, replacing stove pans if they will not come clean or burnt; clean the stove hood, filter and vent; clean oven, oven racks, and the oven drawer at the bottom; clean on top and under appliances when and where accessible; ), cabinets(inside and outside); thoroughly cleaning all floors; thoroughly dusting/cleaning ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds, baseboards/trimming, inside windows, window sills, woodwork, light switches, receptacles, doors, inside closets, fixtures, AC vent covers, etc., sweep out and mop garage.) New smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and any remote batteries and air filters are to be replaced and ready to pass inspection the day of move out. Replace any burnt light bulbs with the correct style and size bulbs. All of tenant's property must be completely removed from the property by the day to vacate. If any personal property is left on the premises, the tenant will be charged for removal. Property Management Services of Columbia, LLC is not responsible for left items,, nor responsible for contacting tenant regarding any items left on the premises once vacated. Exterior cleaning includes, but is not limited to: freshly cutting/raking yard, driveway/walkways left free of debris/trash, trimming shrubs neatly below windows (not to harm them) and off of the property, no holes in the yard, beds to be cleaned from debris, sweep off all porches, patios, and decks. All gutters are to be cleaned and free of any debris. All interior and exterior trash/debris (including storage areas) must be removed and placed inside the proper receptacle/location by the day of vacating. It is the tenant's responsibility to know what items your local waste management company will take away. Items left and not taken away will be charged to the tenant. Report any needed repairs to management immediately.

If you paint/spot paint/patch walls, you must paint the entire wall using the same color/sheen/etc.


Our office must be notified at least 3 days before all utilities are scheduled to be disconnected. You are required to maintain utilities until the end of your notice. If we have not received written notification as stated above and utilities are disconnected, a $50.00 fee will be charged to have utilities restored. Please turn all breakers (including the main breaker) in the panel box to the off position, and have all faucets turned off (including the shut off valves under the sink and toilets: and all outside spigots).

Please ensure that all keys are returned to our office by the day to vacate on your written notice or you will be charged rent for each day keys are not received in our office. If the working key is not turned in to the office by the termination date by noon, the locks will be changed at the tenant’s expense. The office will need to be in receipt on the day to vacate forwarding addresses for all tenants to mail your settlement statement for your security deposit.

The property will be inspected to assess the condition once the key(s) are turned in to our office; the settlement statement for your security deposit will reflect necessary repairs, cleaning, etc., that were required.

These policies and procedures are subject to change. Tenants are responsible for being familiar with all company policies and procedures that are stated in the lease, as well as for public view on our website.


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