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Are you interested in putting your property on the rental market? Let Property Management Services of Columbia guide you with useful information that we feel will help expedite the rental process:

First impressions are lasting impressions. Before introducing your property to the rental market, you would want to make sure that it is being presented in the most presentable state possible. Property Management Services of Columbia has a great deal of experience with what renters are looking for, and what we feel will make your property market ready. Our experienced property management staff is ready to discuss your needs for putting your property on the rental market and getting your property " Market Ready!"

"The More the Better!" When discussing your property to our property management team, please make sure that you inform us of any special features that your property possess. Our team will use this information to emphasize these qualities to potential renters.

Our skilled team would be happy to speak to you and guide you through this process.

                           Grab your list.

Pull out that to-do list. Making the necessary maintenance, repairs, etc. will help expedite the rental process. Prospective renters like to see homes move in ready. Leaving needful items undone, jeopardizes the chances of catching a good tenant. Don't let your list worry you. Give us a call to schedule an appointment to discuss our services and what we feel will help get your home market ready!

The exterior of your home may be the first experience a prospective renter has with your property. Make sure that the yard is kept in a neat and presentable manner. Make sure that the grass is cut regularly, weed eat areas that produced unwanted weeds, keep shrubs neatly trimmed, edge up the walk ways when necessary, and let the yard be as free of debris as possible. Let it be known that the home is cared for!

Let the interior look just as welcoming as the exterior!:

                              Check this out.

If the property is vacant, make sure that the interior has been cleaned before showing any prospective renter. Renters want to see the home just as if it was ready to move in. Remember, your home is competing with similar homes. Make sure yours shine. This does not necessary require much, just that your property is looking its best!

If the property is still occupied, make sure you keep up with those good housekeeping practices. When possible, try letting in good sunlight, or use alternative lighting to make the house look bright. These simple tasks make the home feel warm and inviting. It makes it feel like "home!"

These are just a few helpful hints that will help make your home " Market Ready!"

We have many suggestions that can help!

Remember, these items do not have to be expensive! We will work with you to make this as cost effective as possible!

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